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Exfoliate Your Skin 

Love the Skin You're In 

The skin you are in builds up skin cells consistently. This extra layer makes it more difficult to hydrate your skin. However, if you take the opportunity to exfoliate your skin once a week, you will notice a tremendous difference in the way your skin feels, and the amount of moisturizer you need to use to moisturize the skin, as your skin is thicker than female skin and likely requires more moisture to maintain its natural radiance and irresistible touch. 


Our Recommendation

Love the Skin You're In recommends exfoliating one to two times a week for the best results to ensure your skin is absolutely radiant regardless of the season of the year. 

How Does This Work?

Our products are uniquely designed by you. They do not sit on shelves waiting for you to purchase. That is the unique experience that you have with our products.  

  1. Place your order.

  2. We will send you a confirmation email alerting you that your order is in progress.

  3. We will email you when your product is ready for contactless delivery or shipping.

  4. If shipping, we will provide you with a shipping package, which should indicate the expected delivery date.

  5. Products are typically made within 7-business days and shipped on the 8th day. 

  6. If you experience any issues with your shipping please contact us. 

  7. GIFTWRAPPING? If you are shipping or providing a gift, please feel free to choose the gift feature, and each product will be wrapped as a gift and a picture will be emailed to you so that you see the product before it arrives to the recipient.


Unsure of where to start designing your product? Have a unique body care issue or concern? Let us know and we will schedule a personal 30-minute consultation to talk to you about your unique body care design. 

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