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Do you require a daily jolt to get you ready for the day? Well, try one of our Coffee Lady Scrubhers that will wake up your body from head to toe, much like a cup of joe, while leaving your skin silky smooth and moisturized. Interestingly enough, coffee and coconut oil also help to remove cellulite.


Why Coffee? 

Coffee grinds stimulate blood flow, which can help diminish things like cellulite, stretch makrs and acne. While the sugar and coconut oil used in this scrub will help to provide moisture that will leave your skin super soft and irresistible. 

all natural ingredients: all-natural dark coffee grinds, brown sugar, coconut oil and vanilla essence for additional fragrance.


size: 8 ounce or 12 ounce

arrives with instructions on how to use for face, body, in the shower and in the bath and how to store to protect all natural properties.

Coffee Lady Sugar Scrubher

  • Unfortunately, we do not provide returns and or refunds on health care products. However, we will cancel your order within 48 hours of your purchase. If for any reason, you want to cancel your order, please email us within 48 hours of your order and we will manage your cancellation with care. Email us at Please expect a response within 24-hours.

  • Our all-natural body scrubhers are made with fresh ingredients (i.e., fresh lemon and lime juice, fresh ginger, etc.), and these ingredients will need to be propertly cared for to maintain freshness. 


    Scrubhers are stored in 12 ounce tightly sealed glass containers. These containers will allow your scrubher to remain fresh until you open and use. 


    If your scrubher contains fresh lemon, lime and or ginger - once the scrubher has been opened, do not allow water to get into the scrubh, and after using tighten the bottle after use to maintain the freshness.


    Scrubhers do not need to be refrigerated, as the coconut oil will harden. Room temperature is perfect for storing your scrubher. The best place is in the shower and or bath area.  

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