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Pause. Avocado for Skin?!

Avocado is a super fruit in so many ways!

Now you've heard me say a million times, if you are looking for really great skin - you know the largest organ on your body - that you should definitely eat (digest) and provide a topical treatment (ingest)of the all-natural fruits into your daily beauty routine.

While we use a great deal of products with preservatives and extra, unnecessary things to produce and promote great looking skin, we often times forget that what you put on your body is going into your bloodstream. --- Please do not give me the "hmmm -that-makes-sense-look." It is absolutely true. Do your research if you do not believe me.

Well - let me get off of my soapbox and let you know that you should pause and think this through a bit, and the next time you decide to put that skin product into your basket you will think twice and likely put it back on the shelf.

With that in mind, I truly promote all-natural products, which you likely know by now. But let me tell you about avocado. While using avocado directly on the face is a popular natural beauty treatment, many people have found that just eating avocado regularly can do wonders for their complexion. Avocados are rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that can improve your skin from the inside.

So when a client called me and asked me to do some research for her on a fruit that would help with her "Private Summer" season, I discovered that avocado has so many a-aaaaaamazing skin benefits. I created The Pause Collection for my client, and asked her while I was preparing her product, which takes me some time to think through how to adequately add these products into my existing products, I asked her to start adding avocado into her diet so that she could have both the benefit of diet and body care combined.

After a week, she emailed me and said, " I have been using Pause for about a week. My first impression was a feeling calm and relaxed. I felt a notable change. I used the scrub and body butter( every day). The first night I experienced very few night sweats. But also I have incorporated avocado in my daily diet. I use avocado in smoothies, soup, cooked and raw vegetables and salads .Avocado is great for our skin because menopause will cause dryness. I suggest to ALL women going through their private summers to give the Pause Collection a try."

Mission accomplished.

And while The Pause Collection was designed for my client, I took it to the Barber Shop and all of the men there enjoyed the scent and the body butter, so Pause is now a unisex product available for men and women because avocado IS such an a---aaaaamazing fruit and it can do so much for your skin and your health.

Mission accomplished on so many different levels.

( Photo Credits Provided to Annie Spratt on Unsplash )



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