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All-Natural MEANS All-Natural!

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Why Is This So Hard to Believe?

I know we live in a world where big box company’s claims are not always accurate. As consumers we spend so much time jumping on to each new trend – the proverbial ‘all-natural, organic, and farm fresh” has consumed us to NO END! The only way for you to truly know about all-natural products is to read the labels on the body care products that you purchase. Honestly, if you cannot pronounce and or understand the product on the container or bottle of your body care product you should likely leave it on the shelf.

Here’s the deal! When you put something on your skin it is goes into your bloodstream. So why would you use a product that contains something you do not know and cannot pronounce and allow that to penetrate into your bloodstream?

Much like the saying, “you are what you eat,” which translates to a myriad of health issues and concerns – body care products are no different. You should know what you apply on your skin.

Now, I am not saying that solely using a body care product will promote skin healthiness, but it is half the battle. You ingest food and you also put products onto your skin that goes into your bloodstream (as previously mentioned) so a dual approach to skin healthiness is essential.

You have to eat the right food AND you have to use the right body care products to improve and or maintain your skin’s healthiness. This really is not rocket science. It is always about what you consume, how you consume it and what works for your body type, much like your hair type and your skin type. Think about that for a second.

If you won’t eat a product filled with hormones, harsh chemicals and a mountain of preservatives then you likely do not need to put those same ingredients on your skin. Hello!

I started ScrubHers because everything that read “all-natural” wasn’t really “all-natural.” I am not going to put lotion or a body cream on my skin that contains alcohol when it is a natural drying agent. Um… my skin doesn’t need to dry at any level. It needs to be moisturized and hydrated. Armed with this knowledge, I really couldn’t afford to sit back and read another label that said was made for my skin when it wasn’t! And so here I am telling you the same thing that I learned on my own.

I now read the labels on everything from the protein that I purchase to the jam in my refrigerator. Most times the label has no more than five to six ingredients that I understand and then I am ready to purchase it.

I am not a totally all-natural, organic eater – but I strive to be hormone free, absolutely do not want to consume harsh chemicals, do not want any preservatives, and look for products with very little sugar.

I do not have the perfect skin, as I have dreadful eczema that flares up mostly when I am stressed. But I am someone who truly cares about what I put on my skin as much as I care about what I put into my body. Again...not perfect by any means, but I stand 100% behind my all-natural products, and I encourage you to read the labels of your body care products and start paying more attention to what you are putting onto your skin.

Each company claiming to be all-natural will have a page on their website that list the ingredients that they use within their products. If they really care, they will tell you how these ingredients benefit your skin. I highly recommend that you read the labels and the details before you make a purchase. It is a lesson that I learned personally, and the impetus for why ScrubHers now exists. -- Stay Informed!

Want to know about the ingredients ScrubHers uses - visit our page for details on our all-natural ingredients. -- And when you are ready to try all-natural, which means all-natural - shop with us.

If you have questions and or wanna chat with me, email me directly at:



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