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I wanted a space on the website where we could address some of the questions that you have about the company and its practices. If you ever have a question, you can always feel free to send an email to


Here are responses to Frequently Asked Questions I've received since the start of the business in July 2016. 


Q:  Most products say they are all natural, but is The -Syi truly an all-natural body care product line? 


A.  Yes. The-Syi ONLY uses all-natural ingredients, no dyes, and no preservatives to make each product. This is what makes us different, and this is why I will discontinue seasonal items (e.g., Cranberry/Berry Loved Collection). If the natural fruit is not in season, then I am not making the product. I use all-natural, refined, virgin Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter to create our Body Butters. And I use all natural fruits, fresh and dried flowers, sugars and salts, and all-natural refined, Virgin Coconut Oil to create our Body Scrubs. 


Q. Do you mass produce your products, and can I find them at the local store? 


A.  No - Absolutely, not! The products are handcrafted and made-to-order. I truly take pride in making each product. I don't rush. I turn on the music and start creating each product as if I am cooking a meal for my family. It is important for me to be in a positive state-of-mind, and that I am happy in creating, as an artisan, each product that is ordered. I print each label, wrap each bow, and pack each order myself. There isn't a staff of people and a huge set of hands working on your product. It is me, my music and my mixer - and I love the personal touch that I am able to add to each product on behalf of my customers. 


Q. Why don't you mass produce The-Syi Body Care Products? 


A. I believe we are in a world where we have lost the personal touch of what we do, who we are and what we purchase. I enjoy writing a letter to each of my customers and personalizing the products for them. I do not believe that I will ever want to mass produce The-Syi body care products. Not that I don't need the help from time-to-time, but it is really important to have an art form where you create your own uniqueness, knowing that what you do makes a difference and that you do not need anyone else to be around to do it. Call me crazy, but I love doing this! It is a personal expression of who I am and how I like to care for people, personally. 


Q. Why does it take 3-to-5 business days for me to receive my product? 


A. Each product that I make is a personalized body care product. It takes time to ensure that the product is perfect and that what you receive is EXACTLY as you ordered. ScrubHers features items on the website that are made-to-order (on demand) and products that customers want to be designed specifically with their desired fragrance and base foundations. With these two hands, I print each label, wrap each bow, pack each product up into a nice array and then mail and or hand-deliver to the DMV residence. It takes time to prepare and deliver your perfect product. 


Q. Why is shipping so much? Most times shipping is free with companies like this? 


A. ScrubHers is a small business, and UPS 2-day Priority Mail is $13.50. We are not charging you any more than what it cost us to ship the product to you.


Q.  Does The-Syi host parties, or do pop-ups?


A. Yes - absolutely.  I will come to your party, and or participate in your pop-up location with a list of prepared items to sell and or sample for your party-goers. If you have a specific agenda, I will work with you to customize the party samples for party-goers at-cost. If you are interested, please email me directly and we can arrange a time to discuss specifications. 


Q: Will you sample products at my retail store? 

Yes - absolutely! I will allow you to pick from a few products that you believe your customers may like, and I will prepare them in advance so that products can be purchased within the store (same day). 


Q: Do you sell products in bulk to retailers? 

Yes - absolutely! I will work with you on a sample amount of products for your storefront. I will provide you with the display cases, and branding materials and work with you on the best product placement for the products, if necessary. Email me , if you are interested. 


Q. Do you provide consultations for specific skincare needs? 


A. Yes - absolutely! I cannot tell you how many times I have worked to create a specific product for a client based on their body care needs! I recently did a consultation with my Uncle, and my realtor/mentor. I will design a product after doing some research on its properties and how it improves skin healthiness, and then I will test the product and ensure its shelf life (how long it will last) if using a fruit and or vegetable - before I move forward in selling ANY product to a customer. Email me. 


Q. If I like something that you do not have on your website, can I make a suggestion? 


A. Absolutely! I am always open to hearing suggestions, recommendations and ideas. Email me. I will likely make the product for you and ensure that you have it designed specifically the way you like it. 


Q. If I purchased a product from you, and though I like it, I want to customize it with more fragrance, more oil and or more foundation - do I have that option? 


A. Yes - Absolutely! Just send me an email and let me know what you want. I will make it for you. That is what makes us different than most body care products. You can personalize it and make it just the way you like it. 





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