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"I started this business because it just made sense!"


I started making all-natural scrubs nearly 10 years ago out of pure desperation. I was "on the hunt" for a product that would help manage my eczema after trying every pharmaceutical product provided by my dermatologist. 


While looking for that product, I noticed that the labels contained harmful ingredients that did not promote skin healthiness. It was alarming, to say the least. Not to mention, most of the ingredients I couldn't pronounce and or understand. I was just lost. 


With dry patches and dark spots as a result of eczema, I had to find a solution, and that is when I started making my own all-natural body products. I started with scrubs and then lotions. Someone would always ask me, "what do you use on your skin ... it glows!" 


After years of making my own concoctions, I decided to provide them as gifts for family and friends.  Then one summer day, it dawned on me to start mass-producing my homemade beauties and selling them. And here I am. To be frank, I do not want my products in stores because I want that extremely rare personal touch with each one of my clients. I hope to simply keep making my products one at a time for all the people who love it!


The Skin You're In Body Care products are unisex and gentle enough to be used on all skin types. 


My philosophy is extremely simple and authentic. I started this business because it just makes sense. We are often concerned about what we put into our body, but less concerned with what we put onto our body. I am on a mission to change that mentality one all-natural body care product at a time.  

I want to hear your thoughts and ideas and your feedback. Email me directly and let's get the conversation started. - 


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Syieda Penn, The-SYI Creator

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